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About Glitch Dash

Glitch Dash is an excellent endless-running game for people who like the challenges. This game was developed by David Marquardt AB with an excellent graphics and gameplay.

In this game, you will run in a large 3D space and your mission is to run as far as possible, avoid all the obstacles on your way. It is very simple to control the game, you just use the keyboard arrow keys to move, jump, and bend down. However, to be master of this game, believe me, it is not a simple mission.

There will be 8 levels in this game, including intro, sky, arctic, twitch, digital, dunes, coastline, and neon. The first 2 levels are unlocking and the rest levels are locked, in order to play these levels, you will have to unlock the. In addition, in each level, you will have to face a lot of extremely hard obstacles such as hammers, axes, geometric obstacles, and even laser rays, etc. You will have to pass all these obstacles and collecting as many diamonds on your way as possible. 

Being a runner impossible game, Glitch Dash is a really hard game which requires the reflexes of the players with dozens of hard obstacles.

How to play Glitch Dash?

As mentioned above, it is very easy to control Glitch Dash.

On your smartphone, you just have to swipe for the movements and avoid all the obstacles.

If you play this game on PC, just use the keyboard arrow keys to change the lane, up to jump and down to bend down.

Glitch Dash tips and tricks

Try to collect as many diamonds and crowns as possible and use these earning to unlock all the levels.

You can use checkpoint to restart the game at the place that you’ve just died.

In addition, in order to play the game in full screen mode, press CTRL+

Glitch Dash unblocked game

If you are a fan of this challenge game and want to play it anywhere you want even your school or office, Glitch Dash unblocked game is the best recommendation for you. With this unblocked version, you can play this game at anywhere and anytime you want. Another great news that On, we provide you this unblocked game for free. Moreover, different from some other gaming site that require you to install some extension to play the game, on our website, you won’t have to install anything.

Now, it is the time for you to enter the game, let’s start!

Glitch Dash Walkthrough

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